Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

A tummy tuck is a good option for individuals who have abdominal fat combined with stretched abdominal skin and separation of the muscles, often from pregnancy or repeated weight gains and losses. The abdominal muscles normally meet in the middle of the abdomen, creating a smooth appearance. However, in individuals who have had their abdomens stretched, the muscles have separated. This condition, combined with excess fat in the lower abdomen, creates a persistent bulge that doesn’t respond to exercise. The skin has lost its elasticity and may also have stretch marks.

In a tummy tuck, the skin and fatty tissue below the belly button are removed and the muscles are tightened and restored to their normal position. The result is an abdomen that is tighter, flatter and stronger. The incision is positioned very low, just above the pubic area.

Mini-Tummy Tuck
Good candidates for this procedure are generally younger patients who have some excess fat and weakened abdominal muscles, but don’t have large amounts of stretched or excess skin. In a mini-tummy tuck, the fat is removed by liposuction, the muscles are tightened, and a small amount of excess skin is removed. As with a full tummy tuck, the result is an abdomen that is both slimmer and stronger.