Buttock Augmentation

The projection and total volume of your buttocks can be improved by this procedure. It is often done for those who have lost volume in their back sides or in those who are not seeing the results of hard work in the gym. Three very different kinds of procedures can be performed.

Fat Injections
The first is fat injections, also known as the “Brazilian lift”. Fat is removed from your body, often during liposuction procedures, and carefully injected into the area of concern. Since it is your own tissue, the results can be very natural. However, the fat may or may not last forever and there is no way to predict who will keep their fat. Most often patients will decide to add this procedure on to the liposuction they are already having and “take a chance” that the fat will survive. Since the add-on cost is very reasonable, this is a great alternative to other kinds of augmentation.

Another type of augmentation is an implant. A very soft silicone implant is placed on top of or into the gluteas maximus muscle through a small incision above the tail bone. The change can be subtle or dramatic depending on your preference. Because this operation involves your mode of transportation (buttocks and legs), it can be several weeks before you are back to your normal activities. There is no denying that this operation makes you quite sore for a while, so it should only be done in patients who are fully educated about the operation and are absolutely sure this is what they want. Only then is the satisfaction rate extremely high and the operation tolerated well.

Soft Tissue Transfer
The final type of augmentation is soft tissue transfer where dermis and fat are transferred on their blood supply to fill in the buttocks. This is done when a patient has excess tissue to spare, like a lower body lift for example. This is a highly specialized operation for the right surgical candidate.