Breast Lift

The breast lift is for patients who have a condition called ptosis, which means that the breasts droop. The nipples are often below the level of the fold under the breast and are beginning to turn downward. In extreme cases, the nipples may be pointed straight down.

During a breast lift, portions of the skin are removed to allow us to lift and reshape the breast, moving the nipples to a higher position and orienting them naturally outward. This procedure does leave a visible scar, but also results in a more aesthetically pleasing shape. Breast augmentation can be combined with a breast lift if desired.

There are many types of breast lifts from simple to complex. The complexity generally coincides with the severity of the droop and the amount of breast tissue. These decisions affect length of surgery, and therefore, cost. Your best decision is to see Dr. Yearsley to determine what needs to be done in your individual case.