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We provide a full range of services, from beauty treatments to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and body. We take a team approach, with everyone on our staff working to make you feel comfortable and confident in your choices. Browsing through our site will give you a better idea of the various options available in both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

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Nothing is more personal than how we feel about how we look. View Dr. Yearsley’s Before & After photos to see the difference.

Experience a more beautiful you

Dr. Steven Yearsley and the plastic surgery team at Yearsley Plastic Surgery in Bismarck, North Dakota are dedicated to delivering beautiful results for every patient we serve. Whether it’s smoother skin with a healthy glow, a more youthful appearance, reshaping of facial or body contours, or reconstructive surgery, we really listen to your wants and needs. We’ll recommend the best options for the results you’ve been dreaming of, for a more attractive, more confident you.

What it’s Like Working With Dr. Yearsley


Perfect job! This was back in 2010 but 12 years later I can say the lasting effects have been good!

Ashleigh London Wright


“Absolutely wonderful!! Not only the Dr but his nurses and the staff. Super informative, patient, answers your questions and explains things until you understand. Staff was great with and followed up quickly with returning call and making sure the right documents were there and ready as far as insurance and pre authorization. Wonderful results from surgery. Couldn’t be happier!! Dr has a wonderful bedside manner, super nice and very professional.”

Melanie Conant


“My daughter is only 9 years old and was in an accident over the weekend. I asked the ER staff if we should call a plastic surgeon due to the nature of her injuries. They explained to me that they could call but that it was up to the plastic surgeon if they wanted to come in on a weekend. Dr. Yearsley said yes and came in to help. We just went to his office for a follow up today and his nurse was absolutely incredible. She was kind, knowledgeable, supportive, and answered all of our questions. Our entire family is incredibly grateful to Dr. Yearsley and his team! We saw our pediatrician yesterday and they commented several times how Dr. Yearsley did a perfect job stitching her. Thank you so much Dr. Yearsley for sacrificing your Sunday afternoon to help our family! We will be forever grateful!”

Courtney Meier


“I had a BR Dec 6th 2018 and the Doctor and his staff have been great. My girls look amazing and I feel so much better. He answered all my questions and when ever a issue comes up I send pictures and an email (I live 2 hours away) and they get right back with me.. so happy I did this.”

Jamila Maxwell

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Out of Town Patients

Our department is located within the Brightside Specialty Clinics at 310 N 10th St (located on the second floor of CHI hospital). We’re easy to find as we’re near the intersection of two of Bismarck’s major traffic routes: 9th Street running north and south, and Rosser Avenue running east and west.

We have ample parking and easy access to nearby lodging, restaurants, shopping, and more. For more information on your options on where to stay, where to eat and more, visit the sites below.

What to Expect During the Consultation

The first step to having cosmetic surgery is a consultative evaluation with Dr. Yearsley. During this first appointment, Dr. Yearsley will discuss the benefits, potential results, and potential risks of the procedure that interests you. He or his nurse will take your photograph.

After seeing Dr. Yearsley, our staff will discuss the fees associated with all of the procedures in which you are interested, and provide a written fee quote. This quote will include the costs for Dr. Yearsley’s services, anesthesia services, and the surgery center.